My Range Cooker clean with Ovenclean

{In Partnership with Ovenclean}

Here is my beautiful 6 burner, double oven Range Master Cooker looking gleaming again and practically brand new…. (Don’t worry you’ll see the before pictures below)


It gets a lot of use on both the ovens and hob and obviously it gets very grubby too. I’ve tried so many different packet oven cleaners before and never really been 100% happy with any of them, I bet if you’ve used one you can relate to one of the below:

  • It didn’t really get rid of all the grease and dirt and things still look grubby.
  • You ended up with loads of watery greasy goop on the floor and bottom of the oven.
  • It left a horrible chemically strong smell throughout the kitchen.
  • My favourite reason to hate packet ones….. You have to do it yourself!

It was time to stop putting myself through the hours it takes with a packet clean and the feeling of disappointment after all your hard work and it still looks grubby and get the professionals in.

Luckily the guys at Ovenclean (< Click here for their website) who cover the majority of the UK, were happy to help! If you put in a few of your details on the website It’ll put you in contact with your local oven cleaning specialist. You can contact them or they’ll be in contact with you within the next working day to offer you a free quote. Once you’re happy with the quote just organise with your specialist a time and date that’s convenient and that’s the hardest bit you’ll have to do.

My Oven before the clean:

I know these are the ones that interest you the most. It had been quite a while since the last clean so I was interested to see just how good it could look afterwards.


The Day of the clean:

I was booked in for a Tuesday Morning at 9.00am. My cleaning specialist was Richard, who arrived promptly. Once Richard had an initial look at my cooker to see what needed to be done, he explained to me everything that he would be doing. Showed me the tools he would use and how they wouldn’t scratch or mark anything. He explained how he would take all the parts out, even the fan at the back of the oven, which I wasn’t expecting and certainly wouldn’t know how to do myself.


On the hob he took the cast iron tops off and also all of the little rings & parts of the burner which are always so hard to get cleaned. Everything like this is taken outside to the purpose-built water bath in van where they will soak while the oven is being cleaned. I thought this was great as it leaves no smell or mess inside the house and it means its safe for Children & pets to be around while the oven is cleaned. Everything used is Caustic-Soda free.


He took the time to show me what was underneath the rings when you take them off, somewhere lots of people probably don’t look. To just look you may not see it but when its all scraped you really notice it. Hard to believe that it’s all built up grease.


The oven itself is all cleaned with a special little scraping tool. The oven is put on very low just to warm through and then everything is scraped off, so no horrible gooey mess or nasty fumes. It’s all scraped from the door, bottom, sides and top of the oven and then just swept out with a dustpan. It certainly never comes off like that when I’ve done it myself.

IMG_2898I had a sticky patch on the side of my oven where a big horrible sticker had once been. I’d never managed to shift it and was worried about scratching the stainless steel, but Richard kindly offered to try and tackle it and managed to get it off so you’d never of known it was there.


Once he’d been outside and given all the racks and hob tops a good clean they were brought back in and put into place. As you can see from the pictures below the hob looks brand new again, I was so impressed with how well everything came up.


As for the oven, you could see through the door again and all the wire racks were bright and shiny again. The bottom of the oven looked so good. I did actually have an oven liner in the bottom of it but even that didn’t stop the grease building up underneath. Best of all the oven was completely ready for use again and no horrible smell when I started it up.


Cleaning your oven regularly can keep it running efficiently and therefore save you money on the running costs. It means your oven can get up to temperature quicker and maintain the temperature more effectively. This also helps the food to taste better as it will have been cooked exactly according to the recipe/guidelines and not tainted by any carbon deposits which might be left in the oven from previous cooking spillages.

Overall I was really thrilled with the service provided. A really professional job and a friendly service. I would recommend OvenClean to anyone looking to give their oven a new lease of life, you’ll be amazed at what it can look like again.

visit their website at



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