My Dressing Area

For so long I’ve always wanted my own space to get ready in. Somewhere nice to sit, the right lighting and to have all the things I need right there within reach. When I decorated our bedroom I had the space all planned out in my head but unfortunately it was more practical to use the space as a computer area. At the time my husband needed the space for a computer, but what he didn’t know is that I’d planned to one day move the computer and finally have myself a dressing table.

Here is the area mid decorating …. Absolute Chaos and a whole load of mess!


When I bought the “computer desk” I knew I’d always wanted an Ikea Malm dressing table so I showed him the one I liked and sold it to him as a ‘very practical desk’ … *Wink wink* Thankfully that worked and he also let me choose the chair I wanted. It was basically a dressing table just minus a fabulous mirror.


Moving on to about two weeks ago and the computer is hardly used so I decided to find it a new home, and showed my husband what I’d been looking at…. I’d found these stunning mirrors from Hollywood mirrors and knew it would look perfect on the dressing table.


They have such a gorgeous collection of mirrors on their website which you can shop by clicking HERE. I knew as soon as I saw the gorgeous Diaz, that was the one for me. It can stand on the base or be fixed onto the wall. It has 10 Cool white bulbs around the outside which means it gives you the best lighting for getting ready. Especially in the winter! I’m usually totally winging it with the dingy morning light when I put my makeup on but now I can see everything and more that I need to see.


It has a dimmer switch on the side so you can choose just how bright you want it, and trust me it goes bright !! I have an amazing discount code which can save you £10 off these – Click on the link HERE to shop and use code HOME10 at the checkout.

Every girl should have somewhere amazing to get ready and I finally have mine.




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  1. Hi I’m notsure if questions get asked🙃but Im following you and love your home it’s perfect. I’m trying to create a stylish minimalist home with a 1&3 year old and a 16year old 🤦🏽‍♀️. My partner works away four days a wk so when he’s home I like to try and have some order but i never get it right lol. Firstly Toys toys toys! Can you suggest where to store them and shoes 🙃🙃my partner has loads of them 😠large bulking trainers.
    You inspire me to get some order and freshness back into my home 💫


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