Cleaning my carpets with RugDoctor

{In Partnership with RugDoctor} There's no better feeling than giving your house a really good clean, finishing it off by hoovering the carpets then sitting back and admiring your hard work. But are you floors and carpets really clean? To the eye maybe, but your floors hold so much dust and dirt that you can't … Continue reading Cleaning my carpets with RugDoctor


My Range Cooker clean with Ovenclean

{In Partnership with Ovenclean} Here is my¬†beautiful 6 burner, double oven Range Master Cooker looking gleaming again¬†and practically brand new.... (Don't worry you'll see the before pictures below) It gets a lot of use on both the ovens and hob and obviously it gets very grubby too. I've tried so many different packet oven cleaners … Continue reading My Range Cooker clean with Ovenclean