DIY Dessert table

I’ve always loved making dessert tables ever since Evie was young, I think the first one I did was for her 3rd birthday. Roll on another 7 years and for her 10th birthday I thought it should be something special and this is the finished dessert table! I had so many questions on making the table so I thought I’d do a blog post with everything listed or linked. I’ll add the links as I go through everything but will also list them all together at the end.

So the table is my dining room table which I just moved against the wall so I could have a backdrop wall behind it.


The backdrop is a set from Ginger Ray. I found their website brilliant, it had loads of great stuff on in loads of different themes and colours, so if you’re planning a party of any sort, then have a look on their website they’ve got some great pieces.

I used two sets of the streamer backdrop from GingerRay to make this length and fullness. The string that they provide was a bit too stretchy, so as you add more streamers to it and it gets heavier it starts to drop so I changed that and used some garden wire. I just cut them to length and looped them over the wire so they hung down the front and back.



For the balloons, I just got these from Amazon. They came in a big set with rose gold and confetti balloons in. I’d 100% recommend an electric balloon pump, there was no way I could of done it without that. When tying them I did two rose gold ones at a time and tied them together, then added in 2 confetti ones so I had groups of 4 balloons. Because I’d used the garden wire for the streamer backdrop I thought I’d give it a try for the balloons and it worked really well. Because they were tied together in sets of 4 I literally just placed them over the top of the wire and they stayed in place. once its all done I filled in the gaps with smaller white ones and used glue dots to keep them in place.



Once it was all done I knew it just wouldn’t look right with the bare table underneath and you’d be able to see the end of the streamer backdrop, So I started searching for what I could use to hide it that wasn’t an awful cheap plastic table cloth that would come with a million creases in that wouldn’t come out. I found a whole range of these gorgeous Tulle table skirts and they were all reasonably priced. I was looking quite last minute so had to find something that was available on Amazon Prime, but still managed to find this one and It was a good price. It comes with velcro sticky attachments so you can stick it to almost anything. Once the skirt was on it meant I could hide all sorts underneath the table which was a massive help.



This was a simple rose gold sequin table runner but really made a difference on the table. Its a really good length, I actually doubled it over to make it thicker as It was a bit see-through on its own.



The Cake stands really help to give the table a professional look. This set was perfect as it came as a 3 and they’re all different sizes and heights which gives a nice aesthetic to the table. Again I thought this set was really well priced and they looked great. Im sure I’ll find loads more uses for these over the years.



This was another great find on the GingerRay website. They have a whole range of different ones for weddings, baby showers and birthdays. The quality was really good, nice sturdy cardboard and easy enough to put together. I really wanted pink doughnuts to match the table and most supermarkets only have the sprinkle ones. I managed to find these in Morrisons and they were perfect. Filled with jam too so not just plain ones.



These were some of my favourite parts of the table. I came across a gorgeous little company on instagram called Lecakepop and when I saw all the little pieces they did I was in love. Then I came to the realisation they probably won’t be based near me and I wouldn’t be able to have them. I messaged them back on the off chance that they would be able to post them out and to me and to my delight they said YES! I couldn’t of been happier with the service and when they all arrived it was like Christmas! They provided the Cakesicles with personalised sticks, The personalised biscuits and also the cake pops and doughnut pops.

I got some little silver mirrors from B&M which were only about £3 each and I used these to put the pieces on. They really looked good and miles more effective than just a plate.

Im so thrilled to now be a Brand Rep for them and if you’d like to order your own little pieces then you can use code DANIELLE on the website to save 15%.



Evie chose the cake design herself and knew exactly what she wanted. Red velvet cake, Pink icing, gold details with strawberries & Macaroons. My lovely friend Mel made it for her and totally killed it! A Gorgeous 7 layer cake complete with personalised cake topper. It really was the showstopper piece !

The cupcakes which were on the 2nd cake stand were from Morrisons. I honestly couldn’t go anywhere else for them. This was a set of 12 and they’re only £6. They taste amazing and are filled with jam. If you go into the shop beforehand you can order them and have them made up with any colour icing and any toppings but they do always have some in every day which you can just pick up If you’re not fussed on colours.


I’d bought the plastic champagne flutes from B&M, they have a cute little rose gold banner around the top and I’d not originally planned to put them on the table but when before I’d started setting up Id took everything out I had and thought maybe they would look nice on the table but would need to be filled with something. PINK LEMONADE was the answer, It went down a treat with the girls and also matched the theme perfectly!

I also used some smaller plastic champagne flutes and filled these with popcorn, just a cheap easy space filler as I had nothing else to go there.


The gorgeous bubble balloons were from a company on Instagram called Touch Of Class. I always use them for the kids birthdays and they’re amazing. They can be sent in the post anywhere and last for around a month after the event. The quality is so good. I chose pink and rose gold balloons inside with greenery on the outside and the personalised message.

CLICK TO FIND THEM ON INSTAGRAM. And let them know you found them on my blog 👍🏻

The little balloons on sticks the table were from Morrisons. I was a bit disappointed as I couldn’t get the confetti to stick on them no matter what I tried so they looked absolutely nothing like the photo on the box. I wouldn’t recommend.


For the last finishing touches I added a bit of greenery. I added these onto the table and some inbetween the balloons.


The napkins came from B&M and the sweet jar was one I already had in the kitchen, but from a company called @solavia_glassware

I also had a photo frame which can be personalised –

Well I think that’s everything listed and everything you need to recreate something similar. If you do take anything from this and re create, then please tag me on Instagram, I do love to see them. @housetohomeatlast

Thanks for reading,

Danielle x


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