North Pole Breakfast

This is one of my favourite Christmas traditions that we do. I think I actually enjoy Christmas Eve more than I enjoy Christmas Day.

I’ve always wanted to have our own little traditions that we do every year and that the kids will always remember. They get so excited for them each year and I just love that.

Have you got Christmas elves that visit every year? We have two …. a boy named Sprout who came first and a girl Elf called Tinsel. Although we’ve had our cheeky Christmas elves visiting us since Evie was little, the North Pole breakfast was a new thing last year and went down and absolute treat. It set the day off perfectly and the kids couldn’t believe the goodies that the elves had prepared (with a little help from mum & dad)


I’m going to list everything that I got below and add a link or shop name so you can shop them yourself. If you re create something similar like this for your kids I would absolutely love for you to share on social media and give me a tag so I can see.


This is the base for your table and this will give it the Christmas wow factor. I went with red and gold as this is the most traditional Christmas colours I think but make it whatever colour scheme you want.

Paper plates and accessories make it easy to clean up after and they’re the best way to add some colour. I got party hats to wear, party poppers to pull and some small crackers. Even the paper cups had a Rudolph around them. Anything you can find to make it fun for the kids (and big kids)


The personalised touches really finish it off and make the kids really feel like the elves have gone to a lot of trouble to pull this off.

A special personalised welcome note on their place setting which sort of introduces the breakfast (and also gives some credit to mum and dad) Those pesky elves seem to get all the credit most of the time. But I mean how else are you going to get away with all this packaged food from Asda 😂🙄

I used two candy canes together against the cup to make a place card holder. And the most important piece was the welcome sign which I just popped in my own frame. It can be personalised with your child’s name and the elves too if you want. I used some star shape bowls to hold the pancakes in and finished off the table by sprinkling some chocolate coins and snowmen around.

Shopping list:

Personalised pieces – LINK HERE

Gold paper plates – Tesco

Christmas Pom Pom paper hats – Tesco

Red Christmas crackers – LINK HERE

Christmas party poppers – Tesco

Red & white table runner – Tesco

(It’s actually a paper table cloth but I just folded it in half a few times to make a runner instead)

Christmas paper cups – LINK HERE

Star Bowls – LINK HERE

Candy Canes, chocolate coins & Santa’s – Most shops sell these at Christmas time.

Grey frame – B&M (A4 print size with mount)

Incase you haven’t got one yet or want an extra one you can find some cheeky elves HERE

The elf jumper was from the Range. I’ve also seen them in pound stretcher.

Christmas lights in the window – LINK HERE

Mini Santa hats – LINK HERE


Here’s the bit we all really care about … food!

I went on a shopping trip purely for these bits & pieces with plenty of time as you can imagine they’ll be very popular. As long as they’ll keep in date then get yourself organised. I was actually in my Mums local Asda an hour away from where I live to find the cake and giant eclair (for Christmas Day) as I couldn’t get them in my own one so I hope I’m just as lucky this year.

I think Christmas Eve & Easter are the few days the kids can get away with eating whatever they want for breakfast. Keeping with the breakfast theme but loaded with sugar I found all the best goodies I could. These can’t be linked but I’ll add the shops where I found them.

Shopping list:


Pancakes – chocolate chip/maple/lemon/white choc/fruit & nut

Muffins – Chocolate chip

Chocolate croissants

Christmas tree crumpets

Reindeer cake

Squirty cream – For the pancakes.


Reindeer log cakes.



The night before I set it all up ready and just placed the food out where it would go but left everything sealed. It’s no good setting it up fully the night before as everything will dry out.

On Christmas Eve morning I popped downstairs while dad kept them busy in the bedroom and quickly took all the packing off. You want it to look the part when they come down. I put some Christmas music on and waited to see their little faces ❤️

Like I mentioned before I’d absolutely love to see you recreate your own North Pole breakfast and share it with via Instagram/Facebook.

If you’d like to see what else you can do over the festive period to make everything magical for your children then read my blog post ‘How to make your home magical for Christmas’ by click HERE (post pending)

Happy Christmas planning everyone,



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