Sitting Room Renovation

This is probably one of my favourite rooms that we’ve renovated. I never ever imagined it could look like it does, and didn’t really have a clear plan of where I was going with it, I just picked things as we needed them and it all just came together.

So here is the original room …….


This photo is taken from the doorway that leads into the dining room and there is also a door on the right hand wall which leads into the hallway. Ever since we moved in we kept that door shut and tried not to use it. This room was always so cold and keeping that door shut all the time helped keep some of the warmth in. It was mainly due to the windows and doors being so old there was a constant draft and the radiator in there never got very warm. Unless you had the fire on it wasn’t a very cosy room. However after a week of moving in the fire broke, so I was permanently under 10 blankets in here to try and stay warm.

We had been advised that the house could do with a rewire. It’s quite a costly job but we knew there was all sorts of changes we needed to make to the lighting and sockets so we decided to go for it and that way we could get everything how we wanted and have safe wiring throughout!

This room only had 3 wall lights and no main light, so we got those taken out and spotlights put in the ceiling.


When we decided to renovate this room, we had all sorts of ideas, we were going to replace the fire and have the TV above it, then we wanted an open fire so changed our minds again about the TV position, but then hubby suggested blocking up that doorway as we never used it and making it a feature TV wall. He hasn’t really made many decisions through this renovation (mainly because I do all the deciding haha) But this was a genius idea that I had never thought of! We had the electrician install all the sockets and wiring we needed for the new TV wall.



The whole room was skimmed and we’d finally got rid of that horrible artex ceiling! The next thing to do was to replace the fire. But then we changed our minds altogether and decided we didn’t even need one or want one, just another costly expense so we had it blocked up, and that patch re skimmed.


The old skirting boards were very old fashioned, really small and they just had to go!

At this point I still had no idea what colour I was going for. We decided to go out just for a ‘look’ at some sofas. The first shop we wen’t into was Sofology and we practically walked straight to ours. We fell in love after only being there a few minutes and both agreed this was the one. We carried on looking just to make sure but it was ultimately that one we wanted. The turnaround time was 8 weeks and it was getting close to Christmas…. This took us to the last week in November! Just in time before I needed my Christmas tree up 🙂


Next thing was to get the walls/ceiling painted so we could get the carpets down ready for the sofa coming. Painting freshly skimmed walls is a nightmare! I detest painting anyway and after doing this house I don’t ever want to be painting for a LONG time!


We decided to go with B&Q’s range of paint ‘Valspar’ and I’ve been really impressed, I’ve used it in every room of the house. The feature wall is ‘Rocky Mountain Mist’ and the other walls are ‘Coconut Juice’ Both in Silk.

We decided to go with carpets from the ‘HouseBeautiful’ range at Carpetright. The colour is ‘Pure’ (FIND IT HERE) I always knew I wanted a super soft carpet in here and felt like white would be the best option. Only the best option for looks, maybe not for practicality haha! Everyone thought I was mad getting white carpets with two children, but nearly a year on and they still look amazing. No shoes allowed in the here and the kids can’t eat any messy food…Even if I had a black carpet the same rules would apply as my 7 year old is the messiest eater I’ve ever known. I didn’t set rules for the the Hubby but I probably should have as he’s definitely put the carpets to the test, by most recently spilling spaghetti bolognese on it! It’s definitely not the easiest carpet to get stains out of, but its totally worth it for the luxury it gives.


The day the carpets were laid and I took this photo I sat back and thought ‘wow’ this has all finally come together and looks fab!


Sofa delivered, TV back up and it finally looked like a sitting room again.

It’s taken until now to get everything how I want, it takes time to find the right accessories that you want to finish off a room. Only last week did I finally find the missing part to go next to our chair. The renovation is one thing and the accessorising is another, all takes time and money so don’t be disheartened that it doesn’t all come together straight away.


Let me know what you think – Any questions please just ask.





15 thoughts on “Sitting Room Renovation

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  1. Wow this room is gorgeous. I’ve got the exact same curved bay as yours can I ask where you got your Venetian blinds from? Thanks


  2. Great looking house.
    How are the bag window venetian blinds fitted? Are they top fixed or screwed into the window frame? Thanks


  3. Thanks for the reply.
    That’s how mine need to be fitted as i can’t fix to the underneath of the uPVC bay. How are yours spaced back from the windows in order to avoid the window handles when the blinds are down? The website where im ordering from (same as you have ordered from) shows a bracket that sits flush againt the frame therefore it looks like the slats would catch the window handle?


  4. Ok thank you. Does the top square white part sit tight against the window frame or is it spaced off the window with a bracket of some sort?
    Really struggling to picture how these will work/sit on our window with the window handles not catching. Have you got any close up photos of the top of the blinds and where it is fixed by anychance anywhere online? X


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