Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation ….

The bathroom was the very first room we decided to renovate. It’s not an extremely big bathroom and we had a separate toilet, but once we started giving it some thought we worked out a way to enable us to have a bath and a separate shower, which is a big bonus in such a small room.


So here is the bathroom….. Bath running along the left wall, sink in the middle & radiator along the right wall. There is nothing I liked about this room and the shower didn’t even work. We had a blue bowl that sat on the side of the bath which we used for weeks to wash our hair with because we didn’t have a shower 😥

This is the view from the hallway. Toilet to the left and bathroom straight ahead.
This is the separate toilet. It didn’t even have a proper handle to flush, you had to pull a piece of string! It’s laughable now but at the time it was horrible.

We started by knocking off all the tiles from the walls.

Then knocked the wall down between the toilet and bathroom, this gives you a better view of the bathroom. Looks better already!

So our new design would be to have the bath run under the window, a radiator at the end and a small sink next to it. The toilet along the left wall and what was the separate toilet would now be a shower.

This is the separate toilet taking shape into a shower cubicle. It worked perfectly as we had a window in there from the toilet to work as ventilation for the shower.

It was a tight squeeze getting everything in. We had to have a really small sink as the door opens out down the side of the sink and it just fits. At the time it seemed tiny, but you soon get used to it, you only wash your hands and brush your teeth in it anyway.

So here is the finished shower cubicle. This gets the most use and I don’t know what we’d do without it. We originally thought we’d need a shower over the bath, but so pleased we managed to work it out.


This is where the toilet is now. Just basically moved along the wall from where it originally was. Plenty of room though.


We also had all the windows replaced in the house whilst this was going on, which timed well so it could be tiled after the new windows were put it.


The tiles are from B&Q – I’ve tried looking on the website but can’t find them so they may not be available any more.

We got the whole bathroom suite & radiator from MKM


Over time I’ve have added all my accessories to finish it off.





White Bath rack – Dunelm – Find it HERE

Towel holder – Next – Find it HERE

Toilet roll holder – Next – Find it HERE

Mirror – Next – Find it HERE

Towels & Bath mat – M&S Home – Find them HERE

Grey Storage box – TK Maxx

And plenty of Jo Malone


Let me know what you think 🙂

D xx


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