Master Bedroom Renovation

This was the very last room to renovate. As always the kids came first and we did their rooms before we even thought about sorting our own. I actually decided to do this room as a little project for myself and surprise for my husband. He wen't away to work for the week and I... Continue Reading →

Hallway Renovation

This one is another of my favourites.... I was so pleased when it all came together. In the beginning I was so worried about the wallpaper choice & carpet colour, but once it was all done I realised it all worked out great. So here is the original Hallway ..... I couldn't wait to start... Continue Reading →

2nd Bedroom Renovation

This is bedroom number 2 which is our Daughters bedroom. I love the colour scheme in here with the pinks / greys. She picked out all the colours for her walls and the bed was also her idea. All the homes we've been in have been rented, so she always had the standard magnolia walls... Continue Reading →

External Renovation

This isn't something I often share on my Instagram page, but the outside was just as important as the inside, and most of the external work was completed before we started on the inside of the house. This is the original house from the outside: Dated single glazed windows Broken garage door Pebble dash front... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Renovation

This was the biggest room to do.... and also the messiest, but definitely our overall favourite. The kitchen is the heart of our home, we spend the majority of our time in here. Hubby loves to cook so he's always in here. Whenever we have friends and family over, everyone is always in the kitchen.... Continue Reading →

Sitting Room Renovation

This is probably one of my favourite rooms that we've renovated. I never ever imagined it could look like it does, and didn't really have a clear plan of where I was going with it, I just picked things as we needed them and it all just came together. So here is the original room... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation .... The bathroom was the very first room we decided to renovate. It's not an extremely big bathroom and we had a separate toilet, but once we started giving it some thought we worked out a way to enable us to have a bath and a separate shower, which is a big bonus... Continue Reading →

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