All About Me


Hi! I’m Danielle, 29  and I’m behind the Instagram account @Housetohomeatlast

I’m married and mum to two children

(Little Girl 10 & a Little Boy 7)

I created this blog back in 2017 to enable me to give more details about how we renovated our house and made it our home. Since I started I’ve been so overwhelmed with the response & how far I’ve come. I look forward to now sharing more to do with our lifestyle & the things we enjoy most. We’ve also now started our project renovations which are going so well and It’s been amazing to share the progress with everyone. 

A little background to my account….

So I’ve been with my husband for 11 years (married for 5) We’ve lived all over during our time together, so this is where my Instagram name came from….. Although we’ve lived in lots of houses, they’ve all been rented so we could never really put our own stamp on a place. We have finally settled in our own house and started renovating May 2016. We’ve really put our all into the house to make it a home and I’m so pleased with how its turned out. I hope to give inspiration to lots of people to show that anything is possible. When I look back on the old photos of our home I never thought it would look like it does today! I only started this account in March 2017, I wish I had started it sooner as I could have shown you the progress as it was happening, but back then I didn’t even know about the ‘Instagram home’ world! Hubby always tells me I take too many photos but I’m pleased I did as we can look back on them now and see the progress.

If you’d like to know some more background info then keep reading on…. If not, skip to the renovation posts 🙂

Where have we been … ? 

When our daughter was just 16 months old we moved to Perth, WA! We were still living at home with my parents and about to purchase a new build home. My husband got offered this amazing opportunity and we just jumped and went for it! We didn’t really own much furniture at all apart from our bed and all our daughters stuff. Biggest decision I’ve ever made but what a brilliant one it was. I absolutely adored my time in Australia, we made some amazing friends and enjoyed 2 years over there. The lifestyle is tremendous and obviously the weather is a huge plus! We lived in 2 homes while we were there, and slowly bought all the furniture we needed. My Son was born over there after nearly 2 years and we were so happy with no plans to come home….

Shortly after our son was born my husband got offered a job back in the UK. I really didn’t want to come back at all,  but knowing that I’d just had a baby who nobody had met yet, and the chance of being a little closer to family & friends…My decision was swayed and when he was just 4 weeks old we traveled back home. Well I did, alone with a 4 week old baby and a 3 year old! Hubby followed on a week later (I managed though, people were surprisingly helpful to a mum on her own) So, although we were back in the UK, his job was based down in Bristol,  so we rented a house in Cirencester for 2 years. I did enjoy my time down there. Again, made some lovely friends and living in the Cotswolds was a bonus, but it still wasn’t home.

Our family all live up North so we did get to visit them lots, but a 5 1/2 hour car journey Isn’t always ideal with two little ones. In December 2015 we decided to moved back up North and into our own home at last! This is where Housetohome begins…… In May 2016 we decided to start renovating! I personally loved doing it, I only moved out for 1 week while we had the house re-wired, the rest of the time, we just rode it out in all the dirt and mess! I love seeing what a difference we’ve made &I’d happily do it all again! I hope you can all find inspiration from my before & after posts.

Once we’d finally finished our own home and a couple of years later I was itching to get started on something else, now moving home wasn’t an option for us, nor did it need to be. So after lots of discussion we decided to both take a leap and go for something we’ve both always wanted to do and renovate an old property and hopefully sell it on. We stuck to around the area we live in as we know the property there and the price they can sell for and in 2018 we bought our first project renovation, a 2 bedroom bungalow. You can read all about this by clicking on the menu’s at the top of the screen. Fast forward to 2019 and we are onto our second property. It’s been so amazing sharing the progress with everyone on Instagram and the feedback has been wonderful, I’m hoping that I can give lots of inspiration to others for their own home or just that if have drive and passion and work hard you can achieve anything you want. 

Happy reading

Lots of love – Danielle xx

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