Hallway Renovation

This one is another of my favourites…. I was so pleased when it all came together. In the beginning I was so worried about the wallpaper choice & carpet colour, but once it was all done I realised it all worked out great.

So here is the original Hallway …..

Iphone pictures Feb 2011 193Iphone pictures Feb 2011 181

IMG_2657Iphone pictures Feb 2011 180


I couldn’t wait to start ripping that wallpaper off and the dado rail!



Next job once everything was off was to have all the walls skimmed, this would give us a nice blank canvas and new smooth walls.


You can see in this photo where the doorway used to be into the living room. This is what we blocked up to make the TV wall. We had all this done and the wires installed before we got it skimmed.


This photo shows where the old doorway used to be to the separate toilet. So again, had this all blocked up ready before we had the hallway skimmed.

Next job was painting….. Urgh I hate painting so much, especially painting freshly skimmed walls. Nightmare!! White emulsion coat first, then the chosen colour.


No more doorway !


Next job was to paint all the woodwork at the bottom, all the way up and the top of the stairs.


You can see how yellow all the old doors and woodwork was compared to the new bright white paint.


Next we choose the wallpaper. I’d always loved the idea of wallpapering up the side of the stairs. We ended up choosing this beautiful wallpaper from I Love wallpaper. It’s so hard to imagine it all done from just the little sample and I really wasn’t sure, but once it was done I realised I’d made a good choice and loved it.


Last thing to do now was have the new carpets fitted. This just completely finishes it all off. These carpets are from CarpetRight. (Link to be addded)


We have a fitted doormat in front of the door. Everyone takes their shoes off before coming in, It’s complete habit for us all now and the carpet still looks brand new. Even if I didn’t have cream carpets, I’d still do it, I hate the thought of walking whatever is on the bottom of your shoes all over the carpet.


I love the hallway now! Completely different.

Would love to know your thoughts, Lots of love, Danielle xx



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  1. Your hallway looks very welcoming.
    I have brought this wallpaper too but have been having trouble selecting a paint colour to go with it, what colour did you paint the other walls in your hallway please?


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